Borough Councillor Dave Harris, Working for Colchester and Berechurch residents. 
 (Also County Councillor for Shrub End and Berechurch )

Working all year round for the community !

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The cold snap has taken its toll on lots of people


The cold has taken many by surprise, and transport systems have been hit

I have spoken to Essex County Council about its gritting policy, and they admit they cannot cope, with staff stretched to limits.


I have asked for more to be done on paths, bus routes and to make our streets useable.


I am very concerned that vulnerable and elderly people need to keep warm, and have asked that Radio stations broadcast the need to wrap up and to keep homes up to a liveable temparature.


If you have neighbours who cannot get about, then please be neighbourly and check if they need milk, bread etc if you are going to the shops...


If you need support then contact me and stay safe whilst the weather remains


The snow may look nice on picture postcards, and some country scenes look pretty, but the reality on our urban streets is a mess that hinders every day living


Best Regards for 2010


Councillor Dave Harris

Middlewick Ranges fence

Posted by councillordaveharris at 04:38 AM on December 13, 2009 Delete delete   Overlays edit   Comments comments (1)

Many residents have been in touch over a diversion of a footpath so the Ministry of defence can erect a 2.4 m high fence with barb wire on top.

There is a public enquiry on 26th January 2010, where residents can have their say.

I intend to continue with my theme of urging MOD staff and members of the public working together to look after Middlewick to ensure there is no need to divert the footpath and put up a fence.

Contact me on [email protected] for further information how you can help


Dave Harris - Councillor for Berechurch



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